Sometimes All You Need is the Right Training Program


By now, you have probably heard some variation of the phrase, “30% of the workers do 70% of the work.” This number comes from a Gallup poll published back in 2011 that states that only 30% of employees are engaged. […]

Sometimes All You Need is the Right Training Program2015-08-19T08:29:02-04:00

The Machine, Created for the Purpose


The Technician scratched his head and surveyed the scene. He then asked himself, “It’s dead, but what is it supposed to do?” Methodically, like a detective, he breaks down the purpose of a Motor Control Center (MCC), and how it relates to the downed HVAC unit. An MCC is a group of one or more [...]

The Machine, Created for the Purpose2015-05-29T10:14:28-04:00

The Technician, The Detective


The detective approached the scene like he always did, observing the behavior of the crowd as he stepped under the yellow tape surrounding the area. It is important to stay detached from the circumstances and evaluate all […]

The Technician, The Detective2015-03-03T12:54:51-05:00
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