odesie Learning Portal

Online Dynamic Enterprise Solutions for Industry Excellence

“Time is a valuable commodity and knowledge truly is power.”

Simply put, odesie is a one stop learning portal designed to meet the training requirements of a large and highly diverse audience. Using modern and engaging technology such as virtual worlds and engaging, self-paced eLearning modules, odesie offers a learning solution unrivaled by any in today’s market place.

Time is a valuable commodity and knowledge truly is power – the power to grow professionally, advance your career, and contribute to your organization as never before. Unidimensional training is a thing of the past – surpassed by more engaging and creative ways to transfer skill and knowledge on industrial topics much more effectively and on topics that matter the most.

TTS believes that the solution is not to try to improve incrementally the ways of the past, but to create a completely new, more powerful, reliable, and engaging learning solution; Online Dynamic Enterprise Solutions for Industry Excellence – odesie.

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, odesie employs a vast array of media and approaches to meet the ever expanding needs of the modern workforce.

odesie incorporates a multitude of learning solutions:

  • Hundreds of eLearning modules ranging from foundational content to advanced training
  • Extensive supporting materials including dozens of industrial based videos
  • An expansive industrial wiki
  • Entertaining and instructive learning activities such as avatar based virtual world learning

Users are able to begin their learning journey within minutes with free access to an amazing breadth of content and the ability to buy advanced content immediately. The user friendly interface ensures that you hit the ground running and will be learning in no time!