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odesie is a one stop learning portal designed to meet the training requirements of a large and highly diverse audience. Using modern and engaging technology such as virtual words and engaging, self-paced eLearning modules, odesie offers a learning solution unrivaled by any in today’s market place.

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What our clients say about us

“TTS was able, in a period of weeks, to develop a professional quality training curriculum for our in-line automated pallet strappers by studying the equipment manuals, interviewing our technicians, and inspecting the equipment on our site… We have contracted TTS to develop training for our automatic guided vehicles, and plan to continue the process with other equipment throughout 2011.”

“TTS was instrumental in taking our eLearning product from concept to reality. They not only created a visually appealing product, but advised us on eLearning best practices along the way in order to create the most effective training product possible. Every staff member is friendly, responsive, and innovative. We could not have accomplished the success of the Critical Thinking University without TTS and their amazing team!”

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