Since 1994, Technology Transfer Services (TTS) has been widely recognized as a leader in maintenance and operations services. In recent years, TTS has emerged as the world’s largest blended learning company focused on maintenance and operations optimization. In 2012 TTS was awarded the IACET Exemplar Award for External Training in maintenance and operations.

We now have employees who deliver results throughout the world including in the Americas, Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

TTS builds immersive learning environments through the combination of virtual worlds, instructor-led training, site-specific training, custom eLearning, and simulation to cost-effectively train your workforce. Our blended team of industry experts and media developers create innovative learning strategies that accelerate skill and knowledge transfer.

As a maintenance and operations optimization organization, TTS has the expertise to offer clients turn-key solutions. Our services include equipment, process, and personnel assessments, maintenance and reliability optimization programs, performance consulting, documentation services, and talent management support.

At TTS, we pride ourselves on the dedication of our employees who work closely with you to ensure that our solutions meet and exceed your expectations. We are always available, as a resource and as a partner, to help you achieve your operations and maintenance goals. We believe this is a key reason some of the largest global companies depend on us to deliver services to them worldwide.