On the Job TrainingFor any business to operate safely and efficiently, the employees must have a thorough understanding of their jobs, i.e., have the knowledge and skills the job requires. This includes the proper operation and maintenance of equipment and systems. A certain level of training is needed to attain the knowledge and skills required to perform jobs competently and safely.

On-the-job training (OJT) is one of the most widely used methods for teaching knowledge and skills. You may recall how you progressed in your current job, and you may remember the importance of working with a more experienced person who showed you the ropes.

When comparing the long term retention of new information by trainees using various methods of learning, research shows that learners retain, on average:
Cone of Learning

Effective OJT involves all of the above methods of learning. It is no wonder, then, that OJT has been used to transfer knowledge and skills from master to apprentice for centuries. Its significance as an important training method has been proven, but it needs an effective trainer for success.

OJT requires individuals who are competent at both the task they will teach and in conducting OJT. Individuals are designated as “OJT Trainers” because they have demonstrated the knowledge and skills in the tasks that they will teach. Their job performance and previous training qualify them as technically competent or “qualified” to perform certain tasks; however, this does not mean that the person is “qualified” to teach the task to other employees. Like any other task, OJT must be learned before it can be performed.

Our two-day On-the-Job Training and Evaluation course is designed to teach OJT trainers how to teach the tasks that they are technically qualified to perform to another employee. Upon completion of the course, OJT trainers will have a better understanding of how to teach other employees a given task using proven methods of OJT instruction. We also show your trainers how to prepare effective OJT training and evaluation documentation to use at your facility.