Sometimes it is not possible to use the real environment for training. Perhaps it is too dangerous, too far away or just not available yet. Training in a virtual environment puts the student in a realistic computer-generated environment where they can interact with others, tour, and operate equipment. Technology Transfer Services can develop virtual environments to match your facilities and tasks.

Lockout/Tagout (LOTO)

Lock Out Tag OutSafe work on equipment requires removing the electrical and mechanical stored energy from the system. The system is isolated and identified by a lockout tagout process. In this interactive virtual environment, the worker will be directed to perform equipment isolation for work on a pumping system.

Combined Cycle Plant

Combined CycleThe virtual environment simulates an actual combined cycle plant. Here, you can take a guided tour of a virtual combined cycle plant to learn about equipment functions and layout. This is an ideal way to learn the operation of a plant in combination with our eLearning series.


Security TrainingThis virtual world simulates evacuation and security procedures for new personnel, training them in a customized environment. You may take a virtual tour of the environment or simulate hazardous scenarios from a pre-made list, allowing for better preparation for these situations.