Operations ConsultingTechnology Transfer Services supports the operations department of organizations with training services, documentation and procedure development and logistics consulting services.

Operator Care Programs

Operators of machinery are responsible for day to day performance. They are closest to the machinery and can recognize changes in its operation. Therefore they are the perfect component of an efficient maintenance system. TTS develops programs to guide the operator in basic maintenance tasks for improved efficiency of the workforce and the equipment.

Standard Operating Procedures

Consistency in operation is driven by specific procedures. Without procedures each operator performs the tasks differently resulting in inconsistent equipment performance and product output. Procedures can be developed in written format, interactive animations or video to meet the needs of your operators.

Material Requirements Planning

A formal computerized approach to inventory planning, manufacturing scheduling, supplier scheduling, and overall corporate planning. A material requirements planning (MRP) system provides the user with information about timing (when to order) and quantity (how much to order), generates new orders, and reschedules existing orders as necessary to meet the changing requirements of customers and manufacturing.

TTS provides consultative support for the proper setup and operation of MRP.

Supply Chain and Logistics Support

Procurement and distribution of equipment, facilities, spares, technical information or trained personnel requires planning and coordination. TTS experience in logistics support can help you plan your next project to ensure success.