blended learningIn today’s environment, we are always looking for the most efficient method of performing tasks. TTS works with our clients to offer a combination of training services that best fit the need. This is a combination of learning methods ranging from interactive on line training to instructor-led. Many of our clients prefer to use eLearning as a prerequisite to instructor led training. This provides flexibility in the training schedule and reduces the time in the classroom.

TTS has won several awards for our approach to blended learning. Our Online Dynamic Enterprise Solution for Industry Excellence (odesie®) platform is a learning environment that within a single portal a user can search a vast industrial wiki, launch a short online learning module, interact and ask questions with peers, perhaps teleport to a virtual world, and seamlessly go back and forth between each of those learning opportunities in any order.

odesie® is the result of a strategic vision to create an unprecedented virtual learning experience that captivates and engages the learner at a mental and emotional level. This solution was created to build synergies between numerous disparate learning tools to provide the learner with a symbiotic virtual learning experience. odesie® changes the learning process to make it faster and more effective through reinforcement and more engaging content within a contextual framework.

Combining interactive on line learning with instructor led training and hands on exercises provides the best environment for learning.