Maintenance Manager

Are you are a Facility or Maintenance Manager? If so, then you have certainly faced the difficult choice between spending limited resources, maintaining equipment, or letting it “run-to-failure.” Applying preventive maintenance to equipment will certainly extend its life, but is it really worth the cost? Are resources best spent elsewhere? Would it be cheaper and more efficient to simply replace the equipment when it finally fails?

Without the proper tools and expertise to identify the value of preventive maintenance versus a run-to-failure strategy, these questions can seem truly daunting. Luckily for you, such tools do exist. Applied with the right expertise, these tools can remove much of the doubt otherwise faced when making such decisions.

Technology Transfer Services (TTS) has both the tools and the expertise to make your life simpler. Managers at ExxonMobil, Caterpillar, Walgreens, and Progress Energy have all gained advantages in their management positions thanks to the expertise TTS has provided, and continues to provide, to them.

We do this by helping identify the real world value of factors affecting your choice between preventive maintenance and run-to-failure strategies. Factors such as:

What is the likely facility downtime due to my equipment failing?

  • What will be the overall financial impact of my equipment failing?
  • What will be the safety consequences of my equipment failing?
  • What would be the environmental impact of my equipment failing?
  • How expensive will it be to prevent the most likely failures from happening and keep my equipment running?
  • Would it be cheaper to just replace my equipment when it finally fails?

Taking these factors and others into account, TTS can provide you with detailed guidance. Guidance showing which pieces of equipment are deserving of preventive maintenance and which should be allowed to run-to-failure. Contact us today, and let TTS make your role as manager a little bit easier.