Technician training

By now, you have probably heard some variation of the phrase, “30% of the workers do 70% of the work.” This number comes from a Gallup poll published back in 2011 that states that only 30% of employees are engaged. An “engaged employee,” according to Gallop, is an employee who meets typical company standards for continued employment. The widespread lack of engagement leads to an obvious question for managers: how to motivate the other 70% to become engaged? One solution, as Forbes magazine points out, is to offer employees the right training.

The right training program can often be the push an employee needs to move from the 70 to the 30. Relevant, high-impact training will instill an employee with greater self-worth and the sense that they are a valued part of the team.

Employees, who are offered the right training, consistently show:

  • Increased ownership of the equipment they are trained on
  • Greater quality of work produced
  • Improved engagement in their daily responsibilities
  • Lower rates of safety issues and injury
  • Higher rates of retention and advancement

The end result is an engaged employee providing greater value to the company. Training programs that are properly designed to achieve this goal can provide a return on investment of four times the initial cost!

The value of a quality training program to companies wanting greater than 30% engagement is obvious. For help in designing training to move your technicians from the 70% to the 30%, contact Technology Transfer Services today!