October 17, 2013 CARY, NC – As part of its commitment to the industry and as a service to its community members, TrainingIndustry.com is pleased to announce its 2013 Learning Portal Companies Watch List.

Click here to view the 2013 Learning Portal Companies Watch List

Selection of this year’s Learning Portal Companies Watch List was based on the following criteria:


  • New and innovative service offerings
  • Unique approach to delivering learning solutions
  • Commitment to improving learning through technology
  • Quality of initial clients


Ken Taylor, Chief Operating Officer, TrainingIndustry.com said, “This year’s Learning Portal Companies Watch List includes both growing and mature organizations that are gaining ground in the learning technology space.” He added, “Many of the companies on the watch list are developing innovative approaches and will be leading the way in years to come.”

“Organizations on the Watch List are exceptional in the services they provide,” said Doug Harward, Chief Executive Officer, TrainingIndustry.com. “The list is meant to spotlight the next wave of learning technology leaders and those specializing in niche areas that should be considered when buyers are researching potential partners.”

Kolton Durkin, Learning Technology Manager, Technology Transfer Services said,” I’m excited that our portal designs are getting so much recognition, especially since custom portal design is a recent endeavor for TTS. Because we have such a strong and capable team, I believe that next year we’ll be on the top 20 list. Keep an eye out for our future, innovative portal designs!”