Why is TTS different than other vendors?

Manufacturing ServicesMost process breakdowns are the result of poor communications. A good example is that the visionary throws the ideas over a brick wall. Implementers then make their changes to create the plan. By the time it gets thrown over the wall, so that the doers can actually execute, the original meaning and vision has been lost. TTS is very good at helping companies tear down the walls between various divisions, operating companies, or departments within an organization. Our team’s experience and training provide us a unique perspective that other service providers do not offer. TTS will be your business partner, delivering value and results, regardless of the challenge.


Training Program Development & Delivery

Supply Chain Services ForkliftThe tasks performed by your workforce vary in complexity and your training should as well. Simple tasks can be performed following a procedure or direction, such as ‘Insert tab A into slot A.’ However, more complex tasks require higher levels of comprehension and skill. TTS drives your training with an integrated approach for maximum effectiveness. Training is matched to your situation with a combination of learning methods. Our solutions include eLearning, instructor-led training and blended learning approaches. Our blended learning has won IACET’s Exemplar Award for External Training and TTS was the first company to win this award for an industrial training program. In addition, our training has been recognized with awards and recognition from Bersin What Works and BrandonHall.


Maintenance Performance Improvement

Supply Chain ServicesMaintenance philosophies range from a ‘run until it breaks’ mentality to a continuous monitoring and repair program. Equipment criticality, location, cost and types can be used in determining what philosophy works best for your facility. However, how do you know when to do maintenance? Most facilities start with a preventive maintenance program as recommended by the equipment vendors.

TTS’ comprehensive services provide a path to world-class maintenance. We analyze conditions and implement plans to improve staff capabilities, documentation deficiencies and process weakness. We work as your partner for as much of the process as you require.


Our Maintenance Performance Improvement Services include:                       

  • Maintenance Audits
  • Staff Competency and Skills Assessments
  • Equipment Criticality Assessments
  • CMMS Implementation and Optimization
  • Procedure Writing
  • Materials/Supply Chain Management
  • Staff Augmentation
  • KPI Development & Education
  • Standardization & Compliance of Work Standards
  • Safety Program Development
  • Arc Flash/NFPA 70E Program
TTS Client Partners include:
Georgia Pacific
First Quality
SSI Schaefer
NYC Metropolitan Transit Authority
Toronto Water
Nestle Waters