Safely Working with Gases and Chemicals


Gases are commonly used throughout industry. These gases come in several forms and are often as dangerous as they are useful. The following article provides background knowledge of these gases. Gases in compressed form serve countless indispensable roles in modern technology. Oxygen is used extensively to produce stronger and cheaper steels. Acetylene welding and brazing [...]

Safely Working with Gases and Chemicals2014-09-08T12:40:55-04:00

Importance of Chemical Safety Training


Establishing and maintaining a sound chemical safety policy not only saves human lives and protects the environment but also avoids fines and penalties. Any activity involving chemicals must be done in a manner that complies with predetermined and approved procedures that ensure the protection of company personnel, the environment and the community. Chemical safety rules [...]

Importance of Chemical Safety Training2014-09-10T16:25:43-04:00
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