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Process Control Fundamentals

Process Control

In almost all industrial process applications, control of process variables is critical to the safe and efficient operation of the process. The most common variables controlled are pressure, level, temperature, and flow. Even though there are many different methods used to control these processes, this monitoring and control is generically called process control. Level, pressure, temperature, and flow are all controlled in a Read more…

Introduction to Welding

Welding is a common process for joining metals using a large variety of applications. Welding occurs in several locations, from outdoors settings on rural farms and construction sites to inside locations, such as factories and job shops. Welding processes are fairly simple to understand, and basic techniques can be learned quickly.Welding is the joining of metals at a molecular level. A weld is a homogeneous bond between Read more…

Oil and Grease Application Methods

Many different methods are used to apply oils and greases to machinery. These methods range from a simple oil can, used to physically apply oil to rotating machinery at predetermined intervals, to large, Read more…

Valentine Poem

Sampling and Testing

Proper machinery lubrication requires a clean, effective supply of lubricating oil. Oil can become full of wear products, become contaminated by water or chemicals, or otherwise lose the properties it was chosen Read more…

Powerful Training

Technology Transfer Services is pleased to announce our complete list of dates for open enrollment training in 2014 at our Houston training facility. For additional information, contact sales@techtransfer.com.

Month Date Topic
April 22nd – 24th Planning and Scheduling
July 15th – 17th Hands on Process Instruments for Engineers
September 23rd – 25th Combined Cycle Heat Rate
October 21st – 23rd Controllogix

Automated Guide Vehicle Overview

Automated Guided Vehicle Overview

AGV is an acronym for automated guided vehicle. AGVs are computer-guided, wireless, battery-operated vehicles that move pallets and reels around in the warehouse as needed. There are two different types of AGVs Read more…

Lubricant Properties

Lubricant Properties

Whenever an object moves against another object, friction will be present, turning kinetic energy into heat and causing equipment to wear. Using lubricants helps to reduce this friction, allowing more work to be done for Read more…


Motor starters provide the simplest function, they start the motor. A starter can be as simple as a single contactor, or very complex using multiple contactors and relays. Described here are some of the common Read more…

At our 20th anniversary, I look back at the events that made TTS possible. We were a group who were called upon repeatedly to “fix” what was broken. My team received the work centers that were in trouble both financially and structurally. We “fixed” them, made them functional and profitable, and then turned them over to newer, less experienced management teams to cut their teeth on. We did this for several years; the company we worked with was undergoing internal Read more…