The Key to AM Success: Autonomous Management


Constant monitoring of the autonomous maintenance program is needed or it will deteriorate just as the machines will without the program. Autonomous maintenance has become self sufficient at this point and external […]

The Key to AM Success: Autonomous Management2014-09-08T12:55:55-04:00

“Cleaning is Inspection” – Step 1 of Autonomous Maintenance


Step one in the Autonomous Maintenance (AM) process is “Initial Cleaning.” Thoroughly clean equipment and its surroundings. Expose any hidden defects by removing contaminates. Correct any defective items on equipment, tighten bolts and lubricate, and, if needed, write a work order to correct defects requiring advanced mechanical skills. Identify sources of contamination, leaking hoses, gearboxes, [...]

“Cleaning is Inspection” – Step 1 of Autonomous Maintenance2014-09-10T12:20:49-04:00

Total Productive Maintenance


Effective maintenance planning, particularly proactive planning, is tantamount to success in the modern workplace. Ensuring employees understand how to care for their equipment day to day and during […]

Total Productive Maintenance2014-09-10T12:48:15-04:00

Integrated Robotic Process Solutions for Manufacturing


Today, robotics are used in a wide range of industrial applications that provide process solutions for material handling, material joining, paint dispensing and spot welding. FANUC Robotics is a leading manufacturing […]

Integrated Robotic Process Solutions for Manufacturing2014-09-10T13:01:33-04:00
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