Analyzing Electric Motor Faults to Predict Failures


Introduction Electric motors are literally the driving force behind many industrial and residential processes. They provide rotational force to a large span of equipment from a large 500 HP motor spinning a centrifugal compressor to the small fan cooling your laptop. Motor failure can cause a complete production unit shutdown and millions of dollars in [...]

Analyzing Electric Motor Faults to Predict Failures2015-10-28T08:34:03-04:00

Infrared Thermography and Predictive Maintenance


Let’s face it – maintenance can be expensive. Maybe not as expensive as the cost of lost production when neglected equipment starts to fail, but the price tag on a team of experienced maintenance technicians, a robust spare parts inventory, a CMMS used to track and schedule work, and any lost production for scheduled equipment [...]

Infrared Thermography and Predictive Maintenance2019-06-07T09:48:46-04:00
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