Technology Transfer Services Celebrates 20 Years


At our 20th anniversary, I look back at the events that made TTS possible. We were a group who were called upon repeatedly to “fix” what was broken. My team received the work centers that were in trouble both financially and structurally. We “fixed” them, made them functional and profitable, and then turned them over [...]

Technology Transfer Services Celebrates 20 Years2014-02-06T12:21:55-05:00

Voltage Regulators


The purpose of a voltage regulator is to maintain the output voltage of a generator at a desired value. As load on an AC generator changes, the voltage will also tend to change. The reasons for this change in voltage […]

Voltage Regulators2014-12-31T10:59:18-05:00

Servo Drives


Servo A servomechanism, or servo for short, is a type of automatic control system that uses feedback for precise positioning or speed control of a motor. Servos and their drives are found in many industrial […]

Servo Drives2014-12-31T11:00:27-05:00
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