The True Cost of Spares Procurement


  Nobody wants to spend more money than necessary.  I’m sure everyone can relate to trying to save money on purchases such as gasoline, insurance, cell phone service, groceries or travel and accommodations for that vacation you’ve been planning all year.  It makes sense to shop around for the best deal on a vehicle or [...]

The True Cost of Spares Procurement2015-07-14T08:56:44-04:00

Spares Management Inventory Accuracy


Organizations spend big bucks maintaining equipment.  How many times have you heard that a critical piece of your equipment is down, and the spare part needed isn’t in stock or can’t be found in the warehouse?  A robust Inventory Spares Management program will ensure the ability to find the right part exactly when it is [...]

Spares Management Inventory Accuracy2015-07-07T10:52:21-04:00

AGV Overview


Automated Guided Vehicle Overview AGV is an acronym for automated guided vehicle. AGVs are computer-guided, wireless, battery-operated vehicles that move pallets and reels around in the warehouse as needed. There are two different types of AGVs […]

AGV Overview2014-09-10T14:47:14-04:00
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