Training to Minimize Human Error


The most common prescription to correct the cause of an accident or mistake is training. Training in itself is not a total solution. It is important that the operators or maintenance technicians understand the proper […]

Training to Minimize Human Error2019-03-01T11:35:17-05:00

Should I Do the Maintenance or Just Buy New Equipment?


Are you are a Facility or Maintenance Manager? If so, then you have certainly faced the difficult choice between spending limited resources, maintaining equipment, or letting it “run-to-failure.” Applying preventive […]

Should I Do the Maintenance or Just Buy New Equipment?2015-09-02T08:13:29-04:00

How to Use a Job/Task Analysis (JTA) for Performance Management


Performance management is a process by which managers and employees work together to plan, monitor, and review an employee’s work objectives and overall contribution to the organization. Job analysis data can help identify and establish a person’s performance standards. […]

How to Use a Job/Task Analysis (JTA) for Performance Management2015-07-29T08:46:30-04:00

How to use a Job/Task Analysis (JTA) for Safety and Health


Employers are responsible for protecting employees against health and safety hazards on the job.  Employees have the right to know about potential hazards and to refuse to perform work they believe is dangerous. Employees are also responsible for working safely with hazardous materials. […]

How to use a Job/Task Analysis (JTA) for Safety and Health2015-07-16T08:55:24-04:00

Safely Working with Gases and Chemicals


Gases are commonly used throughout industry. These gases come in several forms and are often as dangerous as they are useful. The following article provides background knowledge of these gases. Gases in compressed form serve countless indispensable roles in modern technology. Oxygen is used extensively to produce stronger and cheaper steels. Acetylene welding and brazing [...]

Safely Working with Gases and Chemicals2014-09-08T12:40:55-04:00

The Basics of Boiler Safety


In 1905, the Grover Shoe Factory boiler exploded, collapsing the building and engulfing it in flames. Fifty-eight people were killed and 150 more injured. This event led to the development of safety laws and a national code for the safe operation of steam boilers. The CB-Hawk boiler management control system (”Figure 1”) combines the functions [...]

The Basics of Boiler Safety2014-09-09T14:07:50-04:00

OSHA Electrical Hazard Assessments


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, regulates workplace safety by setting and enforcing standards and by providing training, outreach, education, and assistance. OSHA officially formed on April 28, 1971, the date that the OSH Act became operative. The Occupational Safety and Health Act allows OSHA to issue workplace health and safety regulations. These [...]

OSHA Electrical Hazard Assessments2014-09-09T14:02:57-04:00
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