Job/Task Analysis (JTA) and Complying with Legal Guidelines


We know that a Job/Task Analysis (JTA) is a study that identifies the skill and knowledge requirements needed by employees to perform their jobs.  JTAs are specific to each individual job and are often used as the underlying documentation needed for employment practices to comply with legal guidelines.  A good JTA will incorporate a single [...]

Job/Task Analysis (JTA) and Complying with Legal Guidelines2015-06-30T13:37:53-04:00

Application of a Job/Task Analysis (JTA)


Do you know what training your people need? In last week’s article, we talked about how JTA data can be used for STAFFING.  So, now that we have a good job description (that was developed from the task list), we’ll talk about HOW you can use JTA data to identify the proper training employees need [...]

Application of a Job/Task Analysis (JTA)2015-06-23T09:19:18-04:00

What is a Job/Task Analysis?


Job/Task Analysis (JTA) is often thought to be only useful as the basis for developing training; however, JTA data serves as the entire foundation for many other aspects of an organization’s HR management system.  One of the major uses of JTA data is for recruiting and hiring employees (Staffing). […]

What is a Job/Task Analysis?2015-06-16T12:27:29-04:00
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