How to Eliminate Problem Sources and Inaccessible Areas


Step 2 in Autonomous Maintenance is to correct sources of dirt and grime; prevent spattering and improve accessibility of hard to clean areas, shortening the time it takes to clean and lubricate. Correct the sources  […]

How to Eliminate Problem Sources and Inaccessible Areas2014-09-08T12:59:16-04:00

“Cleaning is Inspection” – Step 1 of Autonomous Maintenance


Step one in the Autonomous Maintenance (AM) process is “Initial Cleaning.” Thoroughly clean equipment and its surroundings. Expose any hidden defects by removing contaminates. Correct any defective items on equipment, tighten bolts and lubricate, and, if needed, write a work order to correct defects requiring advanced mechanical skills. Identify sources of contamination, leaking hoses, gearboxes, [...]

“Cleaning is Inspection” – Step 1 of Autonomous Maintenance2014-09-10T12:20:49-04:00

Bearing Inspections


Bearing problems can result in costly downtime, equipment damage, and breakdowns. To attain reliable operation and low maintenance costs, it is essential to follow proper handling practices. This includes: Bearing storage Cleaning Inspection The life of any bearing depends on the care and maintenance it receives. This is especially true in industrial applications, where operating [...]

Bearing Inspections2014-09-10T12:24:01-04:00
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