The Machine, Created for the Purpose


The Technician scratched his head and surveyed the scene. He then asked himself, “It’s dead, but what is it supposed to do?” Methodically, like a detective, he breaks down the purpose of a Motor Control Center (MCC), and how it relates to the downed HVAC unit. An MCC is a group of one or more [...]

The Machine, Created for the Purpose2015-05-29T10:14:28-04:00

The Technician, The Detective


The detective approached the scene like he always did, observing the behavior of the crowd as he stepped under the yellow tape surrounding the area. It is important to stay detached from the circumstances and evaluate all […]

The Technician, The Detective2015-03-03T12:54:51-05:00

The Basics of Boiler Safety


In 1905, the Grover Shoe Factory boiler exploded, collapsing the building and engulfing it in flames. Fifty-eight people were killed and 150 more injured. This event led to the development of safety laws and a national code for the safe operation of steam boilers. The CB-Hawk boiler management control system (”Figure 1”) combines the functions [...]

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The Key to AM Success: Autonomous Management


Constant monitoring of the autonomous maintenance program is needed or it will deteriorate just as the machines will without the program. Autonomous maintenance has become self sufficient at this point and external […]

The Key to AM Success: Autonomous Management2014-09-08T12:55:55-04:00

How to Eliminate Problem Sources and Inaccessible Areas


Step 2 in Autonomous Maintenance is to correct sources of dirt and grime; prevent spattering and improve accessibility of hard to clean areas, shortening the time it takes to clean and lubricate. Correct the sources  […]

How to Eliminate Problem Sources and Inaccessible Areas2014-09-08T12:59:16-04:00

“Cleaning is Inspection” – Step 1 of Autonomous Maintenance


Step one in the Autonomous Maintenance (AM) process is “Initial Cleaning.” Thoroughly clean equipment and its surroundings. Expose any hidden defects by removing contaminates. Correct any defective items on equipment, tighten bolts and lubricate, and, if needed, write a work order to correct defects requiring advanced mechanical skills. Identify sources of contamination, leaking hoses, gearboxes, [...]

“Cleaning is Inspection” – Step 1 of Autonomous Maintenance2014-09-10T12:20:49-04:00

Effects of Vibration on Motors and Pumps


If you work within an industrial setting then understanding the impact of vibration on motors and pumps is likely vital to making well informed decisions. Even if you don’t directly interact with them, there are any number of decisions which have a secondary effect on maintenance and operational practices. When making such decisions, it is [...]

Effects of Vibration on Motors and Pumps2014-09-08T13:39:28-04:00

Bearing Inspections


Bearing problems can result in costly downtime, equipment damage, and breakdowns. To attain reliable operation and low maintenance costs, it is essential to follow proper handling practices. This includes: Bearing storage Cleaning Inspection The life of any bearing depends on the care and maintenance it receives. This is especially true in industrial applications, where operating [...]

Bearing Inspections2014-09-10T12:24:01-04:00
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