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The Technician scratched his head and surveyed the scene. He then asked himself, “It’s dead, but what is it supposed to do?”

Methodically, like a detective, he breaks down the purpose of a Motor Control Center (MCC), and how it relates to the downed HVAC unit. An MCC is a group of one or more encased sections with a common power bus, which Read more…

The Technician, The Detective

The detective approached the scene like he always did, observing the behavior of the crowd as he stepped under the yellow tape surrounding the area. It is important to stay detached from the circumstances and evaluate all Read more…

Electrical maintenance requires a basic understanding of electrical theory and electrical safety.

Basic Electrical Theory

For a full understanding of electrical theory, please click here.

One of the most important theories in electricity is Ohm’s law. It basically defines how electricity will behave in electrical circuits. This is not to say that there are no other laws that define behaviors in more complex Read more…