The Evolution of Documentation


Ensuring facility documentation meets modern standards requires more than just updating them from time-to-time. It is understood that documents, if allowed to become so outdated they have the reliability and readability of the Dead Sea Scrolls, will be useless to technicians when needed. Beyond keeping documents current, though, having quality facility documentation means allowing your [...]

The Evolution of Documentation2015-08-12T12:33:19-04:00

Transmitter Calibration


In today’s environment of shrinking cost margins and increased regulations, maintaining properly calibrated equipment becomes ever important. Even the smallest inaccuracy in process measurements can cause a significant loss in revenue, especially if the process handles large volumes. Electronic equipment can lose accuracy over a period of time, leading to incorrect readings; this is where [...]

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February Employee Anniversaries


We just wanted to let you know that your efforts at TTS do not go unnoticed. You’re all a necessary piece to this puzzle. We appreciate your dedication and service, and we know others do too. Celebrating anniversaries this month include: Mike Trezza – 3 years on 2/07 Rich Paolini – 1 year on 2/09 Joseph [...]

February Employee Anniversaries2014-02-10T10:10:04-05:00

Lubrication Properties


Lubricant Properties Whenever an object moves against another object, friction will be present, turning kinetic energy into heat and causing equipment to wear. Using lubricants helps to reduce this friction, allowing more work to be done for […]

Lubrication Properties2015-01-27T11:24:04-05:00

Technology Transfer Services Celebrates 20 Years


At our 20th anniversary, I look back at the events that made TTS possible. We were a group who were called upon repeatedly to “fix” what was broken. My team received the work centers that were in trouble both financially and structurally. We “fixed” them, made them functional and profitable, and then turned them over [...]

Technology Transfer Services Celebrates 20 Years2014-02-06T12:21:55-05:00

Lubrication Applications


Lubrication Application Proper lubrication is a key factor affecting the performance and longevity of rotating mechanical equipment. From temperatures of over […]

Lubrication Applications2014-09-10T14:52:06-04:00
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