Training to Minimize Human Error


The most common prescription to correct the cause of an accident or mistake is training. Training in itself is not a total solution. It is important that the operators or maintenance technicians understand the proper […]

Training to Minimize Human Error2019-03-01T11:35:17-05:00

What is Poka-yoke?


Removing human error, or mistake proofing, is a key component of creating an efficient manufacturing process. So key, in fact, that it has its own unique term to describe it – Poka-yoke. […]

What is Poka-yoke?2019-03-01T11:46:45-05:00

To Err is Human


We are all susceptible to making mistakes.  After all, we are only human, right?  It is part of the trial and error process of learning.  Sometimes the mistake is due to ignorance, such as a toddler touching a hot stove and learning not to do it again.  And sometimes the error is from lack of [...]

To Err is Human2015-11-04T08:40:34-05:00

Sometimes All You Need is the Right Training Program


By now, you have probably heard some variation of the phrase, “30% of the workers do 70% of the work.” This number comes from a Gallup poll published back in 2011 that states that only 30% of employees are engaged. […]

Sometimes All You Need is the Right Training Program2015-08-19T08:29:02-04:00

The Evolution of Documentation


Ensuring facility documentation meets modern standards requires more than just updating them from time-to-time. It is understood that documents, if allowed to become so outdated they have the reliability and readability of the Dead Sea Scrolls, will be useless to technicians when needed. Beyond keeping documents current, though, having quality facility documentation means allowing your [...]

The Evolution of Documentation2015-08-12T12:33:19-04:00

How to Use a Job/Task Analysis (JTA) for Employee Rewards


Proper evaluation of a job’s value (worth) must relate the identified tasks, duties, skill and knowledge requirements, which were gleaned from the job/task analysis, with the qualifications for a successful job performance.  Without the proper job data, you cannot properly determine a position’s value. […]

How to Use a Job/Task Analysis (JTA) for Employee Rewards2015-08-05T08:22:12-04:00

How to Use a Job/Task Analysis (JTA) for Performance Management


Performance management is a process by which managers and employees work together to plan, monitor, and review an employee’s work objectives and overall contribution to the organization. Job analysis data can help identify and establish a person’s performance standards. […]

How to Use a Job/Task Analysis (JTA) for Performance Management2015-07-29T08:46:30-04:00

How to use a Job/Task Analysis (JTA) for Safety and Health


Employers are responsible for protecting employees against health and safety hazards on the job.  Employees have the right to know about potential hazards and to refuse to perform work they believe is dangerous. Employees are also responsible for working safely with hazardous materials. […]

How to use a Job/Task Analysis (JTA) for Safety and Health2015-07-16T08:55:24-04:00
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