Distribution and warehousing facilities provide a critical link between suppliers and their customers. The Distribution and Warehousing series is intended to aid in training personnel to maintain a fully functioning distribution center or warehousing operation. Equipment covered in this series includes fork trucks, conveyors, and battery charging systems, as well as highly automated equipment such as ASRS cranes and AGVs.


Basic Distribution and Warehousing

Basic Distribution and Warehousing encompasses a variety of courses dealing with the basic functions of a distribution center or warehouse. This subject area includes an overview of operations, conveyor basics, maintenance, and fork trucks.


Intermediate Distribution and Warehousing

Intermediate Distribution and Warehousing continues on the foundations learned in the basics version of the subject. The list of modules in this subject area include battery charging systems, photoeyes, sorter fundamentals, and switchgear.


Advanced Distribution and Warehousing

The final subject area for distribution and warehousing, Advanced Distribution and Warehousing introduces advanced systems found in such facilities. These systems include automated guided vehicles (AGVs), cranes, and scanners.