Water treatment is vital worldwide to remove contaminants from water and make it acceptable for a wide range of uses. The TTS Water Treatment Series provides general information about the processes necessary to produce water that meets the specific requirements for its usage.


Overview of Water Treatment

The Overview of Water Treatment module provides learners a general description of water treatment processes and their industrial applications, as well as presents the advantages and disadvantages of water treatment.


Raw Water Treatment

The Raw Water Treatment subject area discusses Sedimentation, Clarification and Disinfection, processes which are an essential part of raw water treatment systems.


Basic Water Purification

The Basic Water Purification subject area covers three processes, commonly used in modern water filtration systems: Media filtration, Water Softening and Ultrafiltration.


Advanced Water Purification

The advanced Water Purification subject area covers purification methods and technologies which produce high purity water to meet the strict requirement of many industries including the pharmaceutical, food and power generation industries.