Supply Chain Goal Setting


Departments have their own organizational structure, leadership styles, cultures, performance measurements, and more. However, the customer is only satisfied when the value-add from each department and supplier integrates into a holistic process. […]

Supply Chain Goal Setting2019-03-01T11:36:38-05:00

What Is Supply Chain Management?


Supply Chain Management (SCM) can be defined as the management of materials and information as they move in a process from suppliers to manufacturers to other Caterpillar facilities, distribution centers, and dealers. […]

What Is Supply Chain Management?2019-03-01T11:35:01-05:00

Training to Minimize Human Error


The most common prescription to correct the cause of an accident or mistake is training. Training in itself is not a total solution. It is important that the operators or maintenance technicians understand the proper […]

Training to Minimize Human Error2019-03-01T11:35:17-05:00

Procedure Writing to Minimize Mistakes


One of the key steps that your organization should take into account when writing, or updating, its operations and maintenance procedures is to build mistake proofing into those procedures. To do this, there are two steps that must take place during the procedure writing process. […]

Procedure Writing to Minimize Mistakes2019-03-01T11:46:29-05:00

What is Poka-yoke?


Removing human error, or mistake proofing, is a key component of creating an efficient manufacturing process. So key, in fact, that it has its own unique term to describe it – Poka-yoke. […]

What is Poka-yoke?2019-03-01T11:46:45-05:00

To Err is Human


We are all susceptible to making mistakes.  After all, we are only human, right?  It is part of the trial and error process of learning.  Sometimes the mistake is due to ignorance, such as a toddler touching a hot stove and learning not to do it again.  And sometimes the error is from lack of [...]

To Err is Human2015-11-04T08:40:34-05:00

Analyzing Electric Motor Faults to Predict Failures


Introduction Electric motors are literally the driving force behind many industrial and residential processes. They provide rotational force to a large span of equipment from a large 500 HP motor spinning a centrifugal compressor to the small fan cooling your laptop. Motor failure can cause a complete production unit shutdown and millions of dollars in [...]

Analyzing Electric Motor Faults to Predict Failures2015-10-28T08:34:03-04:00

October Employee Anniversaries


You are…terrifically tireless, exceptionally excellent, abundantly appreciated, and magnificent beyond words! So glad you’re a part of our Team. Happy Anniversary! Celebrating anniversaries this month include: Laura deSouza – 5 years on 10/04 Mike Miller – 13 years on 10/07 Audrey Craver – 8 years on 10/08 Rich Bryant – 19 years on 10/15 Mitch [...]

October Employee Anniversaries2019-03-01T11:35:48-05:00

Vibration Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance


One of the single most frustrating and costly problems that befall companies is the unexpected failure of machinery. From pumps to conveyors, or any other type of machine used, there is never a shortage of maintenance required to keep things running smoothly. The only way to combat these seemingly random issues is with a robust [...]

Vibration Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance2015-10-21T08:44:34-04:00

Infrared Thermography and Predictive Maintenance


Let’s face it – maintenance can be expensive. Maybe not as expensive as the cost of lost production when neglected equipment starts to fail, but the price tag on a team of experienced maintenance technicians, a robust spare parts inventory, a CMMS used to track and schedule work, and any lost production for scheduled equipment [...]

Infrared Thermography and Predictive Maintenance2019-06-07T09:48:46-04:00
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